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The Story

What happens if you bring two friends together with the same passion and dedication to make things happen. Two friends with the same motivation and strength to give it their all. Both with their own ideas and preferences. What happens if these two ideas, ideals and dreams come together.

You’ll end up with a spiced rum with an intense, warm and powerful taste named Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom spirits, the base of every hard working individual that lives life to the fullest and will give their all to achieve their dreams.

A smooth seanever made askilled sailor
Illustrated whale

The Rum

A powerful mix between a wide variety of organic ingredients, the world of whisky and rum put in one single bottle. The depth and complexity brought together to give you the flavour that Rock Bottom has to offer you. Rock Bottom Spiced rum, perfect to enjoy neat, on the rocks or in your favourite cocktail.

Rock Bottom Spiced Rum is fully fermented, distilled and bottled in The Netherlands only using organic ingredients.

  • Organic
  • Smokey
  • Powerful
  • Pure

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